IPSD 2023

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IPSD 2023

Post by jmg »

New video if you’re bored…

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IPSD 2023

Post by sweetandsour »

I'm not bored just yet, but I'll watch the vid later.

Without realizing it was IPS day or month, I bought a pouch of Granger along with a pouch of PA, at our local grocery.
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IPSD 2023

Post by Bloodhound »

I watched and enjoyed...thank you for putting that together. I enjoyed the stories of some of your pipe smoking adventures.

I spent most of IPSD driving back from Santa Fe, but I did have and enjoyed a pipe that evening on the patio.

Along the same line of thought, I decided that this year I would lay out and smoke each of the pipes that I have received from members here and on the old site one a day and while doing so think about that member and pray for them and their family. It has been a great way to celebrate this community and reflect on the friendships that I have with fellow pipe smokers. It has turned into a pipe smoking prayer time for all the members here and from the old site.

I will also note that you seem to hate grass hoppers as much as coco hates goats...maybe even more...now that I think about it, I have never seen coco stomp on a goat...
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The Naughty Grand Poobah
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IPSD 2023

Post by joegoat »

How do you really feel about those grasshoppers? Great video! I enjoy listening to your Mississippi story telling. I hope to see you face to face again someday! You and your family are always welcome in Ohio!
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IPSD 2023

Post by JimVH »

Great video.

I celebrated with Dos Equis and tamales. I think I may have missed the point.
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