Morning Light (Boker Or)

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Morning Light (Boker Or)

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Morning Light (Boker Or) by Cornell & Diehl

About the series as a whole: I enjoy the Hebraica series by Cornell & Diehl. I like the whole lot immensely and believe these to be some of the most overlooked and underrated blends. These are all "full" blends with some assertive characteristics and subtle nuances; all a bit similar, obviously belonging together, yet each distinctive and possessing its own personality. The series comes from a collaboration between the late Craig Tarler and his long time friend William Serad. In collaboration, the two have created a number of C&D classics. William Serad was also a friend of Rabbi Ira Stone who asked Serad to put some blends together for him based on his favorites: Burley, Oriental and Perique. Thus the foundation of the series. I also like the themed tin art - I like the way the series has a particular tin aesthetic.

From the tin: A base of light, yet rich orientals serves as the backdrop for a spicy, yet smooth medley of raisiny perique. Mellow stoved red Virginias, and a dash of sweetened black Cavendish, perfect with a cup of strong coffee on a morning stroll.

Upon opening the tin one is greeted with a fine ribbon cut which spans the spectrum of tobacco colors: beige, red, brown, black, and even green flecks.

The scent of the tobacco in the tin is both sweet and slightly musty/leathery.

The first lighting says this is a fine Virginia blend with something special to offer.

Subsequent puffs put the Virginias in the background where their sweetness is present but the blend brings forth a mixture of spices against a raisiny Perique backdrop.

Peppery if exhaled through the nose during the earlier parts of the bowl, but later on dropping that edginess.

This one is ever changing, and that's a good thing. That's what a lot of folks like about complex blends. Perhaps the best I can do is offer a few flavor impressions from the journey. None are meant to convey displeasure. I've found the blend enjoyable from start to finish, but it's just difficult to convey some of the flavors Morning Light offers...
  • Raisin tapioca pudding with some spice
  • Cream of mushroom soup with a little cayenne
  • Pumpernickel bread with a lightly spiced middle eastern spread
A really nice blend when you want something complex, don't want something overly sweet but neither want the heaviness of much burley.

Soft and cool. Easy to smoke. No bite.
Wishing you God's very best!
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